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This game is in Early Access. All early access buyers will gain access to future updates via their itch.io account. All features are subject to change. Contact the developers at BravadoGameStudios@gmail.com for more information, or to leave feedback. Thanks for playing Centroid!

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About Centroid

"Planet Centroid - Mankind's last chance in a dying universe. The cosmos themselves are raining down. Defend it with everything you've got."

Defend your planet from incoming space debris. Blast asteroids, avoid collisions, use power-ups - and get a high score! This game plays like a twin-stick-shooter with a twist. All movement is "orbital." Your ship moves in an orbit around your planet, as do the enemies. It's a pretty neat spin on the classic space-shooter genre.


Although Centroid is compatible with a mouse & keyboard, we believe the PS4 Dualshock or Xbox One controllers to be superior input methods for this game.

PS4 Dualshock (Preferred)

Left stick to move
Right stick to shoot
□ to execute powerup
⨯ to submit/select

Mouse & Keyboard

WASD to move
Mouse to aim
Left Click to shoot
Space to execute powerup
Left Click to submit/select

Xbox One Controller (In-Development)

Left stick to move
Right stick to shoot
(A) to execute powerup
(A) to submit/select


Game Design / UI Design / Programming - Walker Perkins
3D Art / Animation / Game Design - Al Howell
Programming / Testing - Bob Hibbs
Music by Bensound

Install instructions

Download, unzip and run the executable or app.


Centroid 43 MB

Development log


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Is there any chance for Linux support?


Thanks for reaching out! Please contact us at bravado.howell@gmail.com We would love to chat with you about a Linux build. 


This is a lot of fun!  I've been chewing on arcade game with combat taking place in polar coordinates like this (melee though).  playing this, it was a lot of fun to see some of those concepts imagined in a different way. Excited to see future updates!


Thank you so much for taking the time for these kind words!! Enjoy the game!


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