Update: New Enemies and More!

Guess what?? We have updates!! 
Here's what's new in Centroid version .04.06a:

  • UI improvements - score text should be smaller on screen
  • Music volume slider - found in the options in the main menu
  • "Flow" adjustments:
    • Enemy and obstacle spawn timers have been adjusted for all levels and difficulties
      • Speeds of obstacles and some enemies have been adjusted to make up for faster spawn rates
    • Enemy introductions
      • When you level up and unlock a new enemy to be introduced, it will wait until you have completely cleared the map of all current enemies and obstacles before spawning the new enemy. New obstacles and enemies will not spawn for a few seconds after the new enemy has been introduced - this should give you time to learn the behavior of the new enemy before getting bombarded again!
  • Two new enemy types:
    • Pincer - Pincer will spawn and immediately begin moving toward the player instead of the central planet. In fact, if the Pincer gets near the central planet, it will back away for a few seconds. Once the Pincer is in range of the player, it will strike with a vicious (you guessed it) pincer attack
    • Scorpio - once spawned, the Scorpio will stay far away from the player and central planet and orbit very quickly. Periodically, the Scorpio will fire a massive laser inward toward the central planet. The laser doesn't quite hit the planet, fortunately... but it will damage the play and it disintegrates bullets that pass through!
  • Orb collection - some enemies and obstacles drop white orbs... I wonder what they're for? Find out in a future update... but for now they are super fun to gobble up!

    Have fun and tell us about your experience!

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